Examples of Sayings Saying Romantic in Batak Language and Their Meanings

 Examples of Sayings Saying Romantic in Batak Language and Their Meanings

Batak Residents Examples of Words of Seduction Romantic Batak language and its meaning. In Batak culture or language we know the term Seduction Romantic which means is speech or words spoken by someone to seduce, seduce or seek sympathy from others. Sayings of Seduction Romantic usually addressed to the opposite sex, as men say to women, and vice versa women say to the man.

In the relationship of a pair of lovers, the word rags is the most pleasant speech, even though the word rags that is thrown is not necessarily true and will happen, but can make a person feel fly until the heart feels flowery. In the Batak language, the word Romantic means "bellak", or "nonsense", not infrequently it is also called "Sipalessem" which is just wishful thinking.

Romantic seduction is also often used as a joke, comedy or comedy material that can melt the atmosphere and create joy in the midst of the audience. If a man likes the opposite sex, then the first move that is often used is seduction or the word romantic. So that the woman feels happy alone. The smarter someone says romantic seduction words, it will certainly be easy to get the ideal woman or man. 

Well, for those of you who are looking for words of romantic seduction in the Batak language, along with their meanings, it means that you are on the right website and you must read it. Because on this citizen's website, we have provided various kinds of collections of words in the Batak language. 

Batak and its meanings, whether it's for example, Umpasa, PODA, and many more, both in an atmosphere of confusion, sadness, or feelings of joy and happiness. Which has been compiled from the Batak Toba language and translated, and its meaning.

Examples of Sayings Saying Romantic in Batak Language and Their Meanings
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The following are examples of rags seduction words in the Batak language and their meanings.

1."Unang Pola Sukun Bulan,Lao Paposhon Rohami,Dang Boi Bulan Makatai"."Unang Pola Sukun Bintang,Lao Pasonang Rohami,Pajonok Ma Tuson Ito Asa Hu Haol Ho Gomos."

Meaning: "Don't ask yourself the moon, to convince your heart, because the moon can't speak. Don't you ask the stars to calm your heart, come close to me dear, let me hug you tight."

2."Boasa Sai Holan Na Marsak Ho Ito,Boasa Sai Holsoan Rohami,Unang Sai Pikiri Be Namasa I,Rap Manaon Hita Nadua,Di Sasude Nai.Ai Holan Hodo Di Ngoluku Hasian".

Meaning: "Why are you always sad honey, why is your heart always sad, don't you think about what has happened. Let's both bear it together, because you are the only one in my life dear.."

3."Diportibi On Adong Do Tolu Nasoboi Hubilangi,Ima godang Ni bintang Na di langit,Godang Nipasir Na Di Laut,Dohot Holungku Tuho."

Meaning: "In this world, there are only 3 things that I can't count, the number of stars in the sky, the sand in the sea, and my love for you."

4.Nunga Hu gurathon Be Goarmi Di Langit,Alai Rodo Alogo Mangombus.Nunga Hu surat Goarmi Di Laut,Alai Rodo Galumbang Mamboan.Dungi Husangajo Ma Manurathon Goarmi Di Rohaku,Holong ki Ma Na Manimpan.

Meaning: "I have written your name in the sky, the wind blew it. I have written your name in the sea, the storm carried it. Then, I tried to write your name in my heart, love held it back."

5.Ibarat Disuru Au Ikkon Manghapus Dohot Mangalupahon Goarmi Sian Rohaku,Ikkon Lao Do Au Tu Kepala Desa,Paidohon Surat Tanda Hatorangan Paboa Au Naso Sanggup

Meaning: "Suppose I am told to delete, and forget about you, I will go to the village head's office first. Ask for a certificate of incapacity."

6."Nangpe Aek Nasumar Ro Hasian,Jala Tung Masur-sur Dolok i,Holong Naung Tapudun I Tung Somuba ,Tung So Mose."

Meaning: "Even though the flood awaits, and the mountains avalanche dearly, the love we bind will never be broken, nor will it change."

7.Tung So Huloas Ho Ito Di Ago Arsak,Tung So Huloas Ho Ito Sai Tumatangis,ikkon Rap Mekel,Ikkon Rap Mekel Hita Hasian.

Meaning: "I will never let you be saddled, I will not let you always cry, must be together with a smile, must be with us smile dear."

8."Sada Ma Hita Nadua,O Ito Haholongan,Unang Tinggal hon Au.Ai Holong Ni Rohaku Holan Hodo Hasian."

Meaning: "United the two of us, O love, don't leave me, because the love in my heart is only for you dear."

9"Napuran Tano-Tano Rangging Masiranggoman,Nangpe Badan Tai Padao-dao Tondi Tai Marsigom-goman".

Meaning: "The betel tree spreads, attracts each other, even though our bodies are far from each other, but our minds are always together."

10."Huboto Do Hita Dang Saumur,Alai Boi Do Kan  Saumur Ni Ngoluku Rap Dohot Ho"?

Meaning: "I know we are not the same age, but can I spend the rest of my life with you"

11."Molo Au Gabe Sada Pidong,Dangolo Au Habang Manang Tudia,Pasombu Ma Au Songgop Di Rohami,Ai Disi Do Ngoluku Salelengna."

Meaning: "If I were a bird, I would not fly anywhere, let me perch on your heart, I will live there forever."

A few words of speech in the Batak language about romantic seduction, hopefully the words above can help you in reaching the love of your idol. 

That's a little bit of the words of seduction of rags that we wrote in this article, which you can use as a weapon of seduction of rags to death, especially for us Batak tribes. 

The better we silat tongue using this Batak language rag seduction, then the more chances of getting the idol of the heart that we crave. Hopefully the words of Seduction Gombal Batak language above can help you in looking for Romantic words in the Batak language, Horas!

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