Examples of Batak Language Birthday Greetings And Their Meaning

 Batak People.Examples of Batak Language Birthday Greetings And Their Meaning.Birthday or Birthday is a Moment that Of course We look forward to every know it, For Everyone Who Celebrates It.Where, Our Birthday Or Birthday, Is the First Step of Someone Starting a New Sheet of Life in This World After Being Born from the Womb of a Mother.

In commemorating birthdays, of course we are very happy, and grateful that God the Almighty still gives us the opportunity to live these days until our age increases every year.

For this gratitude, it is not uncommon for us to celebrate it with certain events. For example, eating together, taking walks, and much more with the aim that at every increase in our age we are always given fluency and convenience for what we do in the future and can achieve dreams and aspirations. our goal.

When birthdays arrive, of course, it's not uncommon for us to get birthday greetings from family, closest people such as girlfriends, friends, best friends, office mates, school friends and many more. Friends, girlfriends, friends, in the near future will come to celebrate his birthday, of course, we also often send greetings / birthday greetings. Both in the form of messages from social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Some even join directly invited to celebrate.

For this reason, on this occasion the Batak Residents Blog will write examples of Happy Birthday Batak words that you can use when this historical moment has arrived. In the Batak language, birthdays mean Ari Hatutubu, Ari Sorang. Birthday greetings themselves have various types according to the moment being celebrated at that time. For example: There are Batak Language Birthday Greetings for Mother, For Father, For Girlfriend, Friends, and Others. For writing this time, namely a general birthday greeting in using the Batak language.

Examples of Batak Language Birthday Greetings And Their Meaning
Examples of Batak Language Birthday Greetings And Their Meaning

The following are examples of Happy Birthday Batak words and their meanings

1.Mungkin AU Dangboi Mangalehon Kado Napinangido Nirohami di Ari Ulangtahun Mon,Alai Sada Hata Nauli Sian Roha Na Serep,Sai Diramoti Tuhan Maho Siganup Ari,Marganda-ganda Ma Rejekim TuJoloan On.Selamat Ulang Tahun Ma Di Ho (Used According to Position For People Celebrating Birthdays).

Meaning: Maybe I can't give you a special gift like you want, but a greeting that is accompanied by a sincere heart, may God bless you every day, your fortune is always abundant in the future. "Happy Birthday, Friends, Friends, Friends (Used) Suitable Position For People Celebrating Birthdays)

2.Dongan Na Sasintongna Ima Jolma Na Sai adong Mandongani AU Di tikki susah,Tarsongon Ho Mai dongan,Mauliate Ma Nunga Gabe Ale-Ale Ku Naundenggan Di Ngolukon."Selamat Ulang Tahun Ma Diho( Used For Beloved Friends).

Meaning:True friends are those who are always there when friends are in trouble, like you who are always there when I'm in trouble, thank you for being my best friend, happy birthday best friend.

3.Dua Halak Na Sapardalanan,Dang Hea Marsirang,Holan Ala Ni Parbadaan Na Met-met.Alana Dang Sonang Molo Leleng Marsipadao-Dao,an.Songoni Ma Hita,Selamat Ulang Tahun Ma Kawan.

Meaning: Two friends will not be separated just because of a small fight, he will not feel at home lingering far away like that we are, Happy Birthday Friend.

4.Molo Cita-Cita Dohot angan-anganMu Holan Sebatas Mimpi,Di Umurmu Saonari On Anggiat Ma Hatop JumpangMu,Jala Dilehon Tuhan Dalan Laho Tusi.Selamat Ulang Tahun Kawan.

5.Ari Hatutubu Memang Holan Didalani Sahali Sataon Do,Alai Ido Mula NI Perubahan Tu Ari-Ari Nanaing Ro Asa Gabe Jolma Na marpikir dewasa Dohot Lam Tudengganna.Selamat Ulang Tahun

Meaning: If the ideals of dreams and desires are only limited to dreams, at this age hopefully they can be achieved quickly, And May God Provide the Best Way to Reach for them. happy Birthday my friend.eaning: Birthday is indeed only passed once a year, but it is the beginning for change the next day to become an adult and even better happy birthday.

6.Di Ari Hatutubu Mon Bapaku/Umaku Na Burju,Na Lagu,Dang Mungkin AU Sanggup Mambalos Na ULI Na Binahen Mina i Tu Ahu,Holan Tangiang Do Naboi Hupasahat Asa Anggiat Di Ramoti Tuhan Jala Di Lehon Umur Na Ganjang "Selamat Ulang Tahun Ma Bapa Oma.

Meaning: Happy Birthday to a kind and compassionate father/mother. I may not be able to repay all the kindness that you have given me. Only prayer can I convey. Hopefully, always in God's protection, and given a long life.

7.Sian ias ni rohangku,Hupasahat holonghi Dijalo ho do i Dohot denggan.Nungnga huparsinta ingkon ho do hasian Na gabe rongkapni tondinghi.

Meaning: From my deepest heart I convey my love, you accept it well, I want you dear, to be my life companion.

8.Hasian ...

Pos do rohanghi di holongmi

Molo tung salah pe au

Sai dianju ho do au hasianhu

Cintaku ...

Meaning: Darling..My heart believes in your love, even though I'm wrong, you always forgive my dear...my love...

9.Mandok Mauliate Do Au Tu Tuhan I,Ala Jumpanghu Dongan Na Denggan Jala Na Burju Songon Ho.Selamat Ulang Tahun Ma Di Ho Dongan,Sai Anggiat Ma Di Lehon Tuhan Panjang Ni Umur Di Ngolum Jala Dao Ma Akka Sahit Sian Dagingmu.

Meaning: I say thank you to God, for meeting a good and loving friend like you. Happy birthday to you, friend, may God give you a long life in your life, and stay away from all dangers and diseases from your body.

10.Selamat Ulang Tahun Dongan,Semoga Ari-ari Na Nidalananmu Gok Mamboan Dame Di Ngolum Dohot Di Jolma,Dipadao Tuhan Abat-Abat,Holan Hata Tangiang Do Naboi Hupasahat Di Ari Ulang Tahun Mon Horas!!

Meaning:It means: happy birthday my friend, may the days you live bring peace to your life and to others, God stays away from all diseases, only prayer words can I say on your birthday, Horas!!

That's an example of happy birthday words in various situations using the Batak language. Of course, there are so many Batak language greetings, which we can use as birthday greetings for people, and our beloved family. May We All Live Long, And Hopefully This Article Can Be Beneficial For Anyone Who Wants To Learn The Toba Batak Tribe Language, Greetings Horas!

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